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All Boys-Megumi- A sweet & cozy real-life story about highschool boys, their love for each other and the ugliness of homophobia.
Angelic Precinct- Jo- (online only) This lovely and long-running online manga mixes epic heavenly drama with the not-so-everyday lives of a priest and a couple of cops stuck in a miserable precinct.
Anthology 00- Umbrella Studios & Guest- The Debut Stories of Umbrella Studios artists Pluto, Ashura, Tammy Lee, Megumi, Mirai, Sparks and special guest from Passionate Kiss, MDBL!
Anthology 01- Umbrella Studios & Guest- From Catboy PWP to Cyberpunk sprytes, this anthology has something for everyone.
Anthology 02- Umbrella Studios & Guest- Wings is the unofficial theme here: Angels, devils, supernaturals!
Anthology 03- Umbrella Studios & Guest- An Anthology of blood and bishounen stories!
Anthology 04- Umbrella Studios & Guest -Four stories of fairies, prostitutes, detectives, emperors and more!
Anthology 05- Umbrella Studios & Guest- Seven artists come together in this anthology of yaoi serials and shorts!
Be Mine-Kyoko -A sweet and charming shoujo story about a girl who looks for love when it's right beside her!
Begin Chase Part 1 - Cristal - A car chase and heart-to-hearts in part one of this Gunsmith Cats adventure!
Blind (YYH)- ShanR- Three shorts about YYH, from sweet to angsty to humorous.
Completely Pleased (YYH/Sailor Moon)- Sonya-Chan- (online only) Yaten Kou & Kurama share an intimate night.
Doujisoup - Doujisoup - A delightful blend of stories, from comedy to drama to romance.
Dynasty of Ghosts: On Opposite Sides - PL Nunn - Ashe and Illya find themselves on the opposite sides of a war; Ashe must save Illya from the cruel care of an interrogator.
Fire Flowers (YYH)- Tammy Lee- Kurama tempts Hiei with the irristable Fire Flowers.


Kisushite! Boy- Kyoko- What happens if you're forced to room with an openly gay roommate?


Mid-Lap Drag - Cristal - A New Chase! Rally and Bean are playing tug-of-war with a new target! Obsessions (Rurouni Kenshin)- Pluto -The Battousai calls out Shinomori Aoshi, but is his intent to fight, or something more insidious? A sparring of words occurs and the Battousai brings up an uncomfortable memory...


PK Shorts- Various- Nine six-page short stories from the artists of Umbrella Studios
Pocket Weiss (Weiss Kreuz/Pokemon) - Omitchi - Weiss Kreuz meets Pokemon in this ragingly cute adventure.
Promises- Ashura- Onyx, a beautiful singer with a fascinating secret, finds himself in a tight spot when an ex comes back to confront about mistaken identies.
Prophesy of Destiny 3 - Moonation - An exciting mix of drama and romance in this continuing shoujo adventure about a boy who's dreams warn of a dangerous future!
Prophesy of Destiny 4 & 5 - Moonation - More action, adventure and romance in the latest issues of Aiden, Chrystiana, Raven and company!


Requiem (Rurouni Kenshin)- Pluto - Aoshi examines his motives while passing himself off as a prostitute.
Retsujo (Zetsuai)- Ashura & Kyoko- Two stories explore the inner workings of Hirose and Izumi & Koji.
RunLa - Lime B & Brad - A timeworn and shrewd evil rises among the serene hills to bathe the countryside in blood in this heroic shonen adventure.

Sweet Clouds (FFVII)- Lime B- Cloud finds himself haunted by the actions of Sephiroth in the past, and the reappearance of him in the present. Lucky Vincent comes along and clears it up for him...

Tales of A Sparrow -Dominick Mattero - A rich tale of castrati with an engaging story and intricate art.
Threads of Moonlight - PL Nunn - After a bloody mission Youji retaliates against Aya in an unusual and erotic fashion.
Val & Laren - M-Chan - A very cute and sweet online comic about two boys who fall in love.
Vale Amor- Dora - In a hot and detailed encounter, Prince Praesev says goodbye to his beloved Knight, Lucient.
Violation-PL Nunn - This dark and beautiful tale, adapted from a Weiss Kreuz fanfic, tells of the torment Aya must undergo in the hands of his captors Schuldich and Farfarello.
Void- Ashura- Finding herself in a loveless marriage, Amelia believes that the only way out is death. Contemplating suicide atop the Eiffel Tower, Amelia meets a young woman who would show her otherwise.
White Gravitation (Weiss Kreuz/Gravitation) - Omitchi - A spunky crossover of Weiss Kreuz and Gravitation that you have to read to believe.
Weisse Schokolade (Weiss Kreuz)- Weisse Engeln- From humor to angst, sweet to bittersweet, a variety of Weiss fancomics can be found in this 55-page book.
Winged Things 1-Pluto, Jo, Dora - Darkly themed Winged Things book about Death, angels, angst and more.
Winged Things 2-Kyoko & Ashura- The second Winged Things book, exploring life, love and connections between two..
YYH: Just Gotta Be Me- Tammy Lee- A hilarious Halloween YYH dj.
Yaoi Doujinshi Collection - PL Nunn - Weiss Kreuz, GW and an original doujinshi are all collected in this beautiful volume.


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