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Jan Onna: Another lovely nice in full cover doujinshi, and of good size which I'm grateful for after squinting at my various manga. K-chan's art is very pretty, and definitely what I see referred to as a shoujo style, big eyes, round features, the guys have more edges, but still retain the cutesy features. Not to mention the random flowers, sunspots and random hair stirring wind that abounded. I enjoyed K-chan's art though; it had the characteristics of shoujo, but was individualistic enough not to be boilerplate. Character designs for the girls were more easily set apart by hair design, but I did have a difficult time telling the two main guys apart. [read the full review]

Rence: "Be Mine" by K-chan is an endearing and sweet story of a sixteen year old high school student named Yuko, who has a crush on the school heart-throb and, at the same time, is the object of affection of another young boy who has been trying to befriend her.K-chan's Yuko is adorable and sweet with many faces and an entertaining personality. The only disappointment I found is that there isn't enough of this charming story ^0^ Maybe K-chan will change her mind and create a sequel. I love shoujo stories and this one is so cute. ^0^ [read the full review]

Rae: The cover of "Be Mine" by K-chan, an original shoujo doujinshi and collection of pictures, gives you an excellent indication of what you will find inside. The cover is simple, yet adorable, a reflection of the story. "Be Mine" is about a girl who's too busy chasing one boy to notice the very special one right under her nose. The story is simple, but a little bit rushed (as the author mentions herself), making it a little difficult to understand the first time through. However the gorgeous drawing style, minimalistic use of backgrounds and interesting use of screen tones, caries the story along and makes it definitely worth the second read through to fully understand it. [read the full review]


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