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Janette: This is the first doujinshi anthology where I can honestly say I loved everything. I got the feeling that the artists were having fun and that feeling was very contagious. To be honest, when I've seen other fan doujinshi I wasn't always impressed, and I didn't know what to expect with this one, artwise or plotwise. When I saw the cover to this one, I was quickly reassured.; [read the full review]

Jason: Those lovely ladies at Umbrella Studios/Passionate Kiss have done it again! This time a group of devout Weiss Kreuz fans formed a temporary WK called Weiss Engeln. There they put together a delicious Weiss treat called Weiss Schokolade (or White Chocolate). Upon opening the envelope, I was greeted by a wonderful doujinshi with high production quality. The front and back covers were printed in color and the front cover was printed on a nice quality glossy card stock. The cover is a picture of Schuldig with his arms around Crawford and Crawford has that "Get off me!" look on his face. It's very amusing. The back cover is a cute picture of Yohji and Ken with their eyes closed and their heads touching (get your minds out of the gutter! ^_^). There is also a highly detailed chain and cross on the back cover. It's as if I could reach out and grab it. [read the full review]

Rence: I admit, I am very very biased when it comes to Weiß Kreuz, but I am also picky at the same time. I own over 100 WK doujinshi and there are those I like, and those I don't like - but keep for various reasons - usually the Yohji-factor. There are those that I could do without, and those that I couldn't do without. "Weiße Schokolade" by the circle Weisse Engeln is definitely a keeper and by it's own merit - and not the Yohji-factor! It has all the elements in a doujinshi that I like but all in one doujinshi. It has funny parts (like really funny), cute parts, sweet parts, angsty parts and more. It's just a well rounded doujinshi of high quality and one I recommend. I POURED all over this one several times as there was much to admire. [read the full review]

Cys: From beginning to end, this doujinshi anthology is packed with beautiful artwork and some very good story-telling. There is enough eye-candy here to make any slavering fan happy. For those who enjoy dark, angst-filled stories, there is a wonderful story by Sonya St. Germain. Within a few, short pages, she manages to weave a spell about the doomed love between two people who happen to be on opposite sides. Sin, by Pluto, is another dark story, where the dramatic use of black and white in the artwork set the stage for the glimpse we are given into one Weiss boy¹s dark soul. [read the full review]


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