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Cys: Now, I have to admit, bizarre li'l chibis running around amok and wreaking havoc is a weakness for me. It always puts me in a good mood and makes me want to go, "Awwww!"I also happen to /like/ Pokemon. A lot. So it should be no surprise that I really enjoyed reading omitchi's Pocket Weiss. Not only did it have chibis galore, or just pokemon, it had Weiss chibis /as/ pokemon! [read the full review]

Rence: "Pocket Weiş" by Lily Huon was an unexpected surprise for me. I am not a fan of Pokeman, and so I admit I wasn't too impressed with the idea of this crossover, but I am partial to Weiş Kreuz and found Lily's previous crossover to be quite enjoyable so I took a chance with Pocket Weiş and was really pleased.The story begins with Omi doctoring his darts with a drug that induces hallucinations and sleepiness. Unfortunately, Omi and Ken rush out to get a bite to eat, leaving Omi's darts where they can easily stick someone, like Yoji...Following is a drug induced sleep that leaves Yoji restless with a nightmares of his teammates, who have turned into Poke beings and who consider him to be an enemy. When his teammates find him, they have to save him from his nightmare. This was quite a funny story! [read the full review]

Jason: Happy New Year and welcome to another month of American Comiket! This month I have very humorous 2 Weiss Kreuz crossovers to review. One is called Pocket Weiss, and the other is White Gravitation, both of which are brought to you by Omitchi! The next doujinshi is Pocket Weiss which happens to be a Weiss Kreuz/Pokemon crossover. I really loved the cover to this one. It shows an incandescent Pokeball with a cross on the front. Just from looking at the cover, one can pretty much guess what it's about! [read the full review]

Janette: Pocket Weiş was more on the warped side. It crossed over Weiss Kreuz and...Pokemon! It was like an Alice in Wonderland drug trip, with Youji getting hit with a dart filled with a poison that causes hallucinations. [read the full review]


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