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Tracy: Once upon a time, in a castle with phallic implications... Wait, let me start again. Vale Amor is a tale of yore that leaves me wanting for a sequel. Well...perhaps the setting is not best described as yore but the rest is true. ^-^ [read the full review]

Eriko: Vale' Amor is a story of parting set in a vaguely A/U medieval/fantasy world. The uke, Prince Praesev, and his seme, the sword master Lucient, say goodbye in classic yaoi fashion--by a long session of lovemaking! [read the full review]

Avatar : Prince Praesev loves the knight Lucient, but Praesev's father has engaged him to be married for a political alliance. The two young men bid each other a passionate, marathon goodbye. My god, is this sexy! You've never seen yaoi more graphic than this! And unless you've been really lucky, chances are you've never even seen it's equal. [read the full review]


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