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Review by Grey--This manga was more then I thought it to be. The intro was tastefullydone, shocking yet beautiful, and I love how the main character could getaway with being called "normal." He plays football, is going to college,and is homophobic towards his imperfectly charming, and gay, roommate.
I'm just waiting for him to come to realize that he can't resist him. Ireally don't believe anyone could.

Review by J--The first volume of this manga introduces a somewhat stereotypicalopening shonen ai plotline... "straight" boy, gay roommate, problemsensue. Thus far, having only read the whole volume, I can't really tellwhether it will turn out to be comedic or dramatic. It certainly has thepotential to be either. The dialogue is easy to read and the few oddturns of phrase are not enough to detract from enjoyment in the least. The drawing style is mostly line, and fairly sparse line at that. That'snot really a criticism.. especially when you think of Minami Ozaki's artbooks. It just depends on what you tend to like. Where this manga hasthe potential to shine is its plot. Though it hasn't yet distinguisheditself, I've read some of the author's previous manga and enjoyed thesituational humour that developed between the characters as they becamemore developed. Certainly something to keep an eye on!

Review by Eriko-- "Kisushite Boy" is a cute pastiche of Japanese manga. It's an originalstory featuring characters at a school with a dormitory (it isn't madeclear if it's set in a HS or college, single-sex or coed). It has bothelements of schooldays shoujo manga and yaoi/shounen-ai in it.Although the characters think and talk about sex, the art's light, airyfeel, and the lack of explicit sexuality, emphasize the essential innocenceof the characters. Kyoko uses many of the pacing and visual conventions of shoujo manga. Forexample, full-page borderless "panels" that contain both close-up andstandard views of the same character. Backgrounds are, to say the least,minimal but I was rarely confused as to where the characters "were." TheSD asides are very cute and quite fitting. I'm no expert on figuredrawing, but Kyoko's skill in this area seems fine--at no time did thecharacters look strange or out of proportion. Kyoko does seem to avoiddrawing feet, but in this story where facial expression and emotion aremost important, it was almost unnoticeable.In several instances, the characters speak in romanized Japanese. Becauseof the characters' names, Amano, etc. we know the story is set in Japan, sothis seems extraneous. Someone with no knowledge of the language couldgrow tired of bouncing back and forth to the glossary page to understandwhat the characters are saying. The characters and plot (and to a lesser degree, the art), haven't yetdistinguished themselves as unique and interesting. I'd like to see thispseudo-manga grow beyond its pastiche-y roots. This is a very short firstchapter, though. I'm sure Kyoko will allow those things to shine as thestory continues!I look forward to seeing Kyoko's development as an artist and storyteller. "Kisushite" chapter 1 is a great start!

Review by Kimi-- Kitsushite! Boy is a beautiful piece of work. The use ofhiragana, shoujo-style artwork, and romaji all adds to the effect that itis a Japanese manga. I like the delicacy of the artwork, the flowingstyle, and the angsty dialogue. I found it fast-paced and intriguing andI can't wait to see the next part. However, one of the difficulties I encountered in this doujinshiis the smallness of the text. When one is actually holding the comic, Idoubt that there would be any problems; however, when viewed in a computerscreen, it is a little difficult reading the small text. All in all, I would definitely recommend this doujinshi to anyone. Kudos to the artist!

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AiShite!-- "Love Me!" Keiichi finds himself falling for his teacher, buthis friend/caretaker Kaoru is falling for him! (rated PG) $2

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