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Rae: "Yu Yu Hiei: Fire Flowers" By Tammy Lee is a rather amusing look at just how far Youko Kurama will go to lure Hiei into bed. It's a toss up as to which is more amusing though: the story itself, or the comments the author has added to it. [read the full review]

Avatar: YYH- A gag story in which "Yu Yu Hakusho" characters Hiei and youko-Kurama bounce off of each other, in a manner of speaking.Hiei's favorite delicacy are fireflowers, which happen to grow in a certain lustful youko's garden. What is a standoffish, hungry little demon to do? [read the full review]

Cys: Though short, this doujinshi by Tammy Lee was utterly delightful. The art-style and story are charming. There is an elegance in the clean, simple lines that she uses. Tammy Lee has an ability to switch her style from sensual to silly and back again. All without managing to be trite or heavy-handed. There is just something utterly captivating at seeing Hiei pounce. [read the full review]

Beth: In this short (nine pages) story, Hiei wants fire flowers from Youko's garden. But... will he be willing to pay the price? Tammy draws Youko bishounen and dressed a little slutty in a loose pair of overalls; Hiei is modestly attired in all-covering black with a scarf and carries his signature sword. The art style varies widely from relatively realistic to SD-cute. Straight man (er, so to speak?) Hiei, a seemingly humorless gloomy-Gus in the original, makes lots of goofy faces in response to Youko's behavior and you can't help but smile! [read the full review]


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