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Review by J.-- Bold and dark, this is something to read when you're in a quiet mood. Though I'm not exactly an RK guru, the plot certainly seems plausible and Aoshi is portrayed well 'within character'. Dialogue tends to the dramatic, but that's expected and fits the story being told - and nothing sticks out as really over the top, which is quite an accomplishment. So as far as writing goes, it's very well done. Technically and artistically, Requiem shines. Well, maybe that is a bad way to describe the deep shadows and effective use of screentone that conveys the dark mood of the story. The style of drawing certainly fits the Kenshin setting (not absolutely nessecary, but it makes it easier when you can recognize the charas!) and interesting panelling leads the eye in the right direction. Not a lot to complain about here. If you're not into 'dark' and serious yaoi or dislike dealing with implied mental and physical trauma, this may not be for you. Otherwise, it's an engrossing read. Viewing it online may not reveal all of it's splendour - screentone (the dot and line patterns) tends to scan poorly, leaving a very slightly distracting moire pattern which I assume is not really there.

Review by Grey-- A dazzling piece by Pluto that shows a side of Aoshi darker then I believe him to be. The plot could not be mistaken as anything but a true angst work. The seduction scenes were done artfully, just as all of the work is. With all those working together you can see in the soul of Aoshi. Profound and serous as it might be, I believe Aoshi takes comfort in the freedom and sees that as hope to him. I believe this to be another fabulous work from Pluto I can only think of positive warm hearted work for this amazing dark deep dojinshi.

Review by Saint Adel-- A nice intro tells you that this doujinshi of Pluto is inspired by a Ruonin Kenshin fic writen by Susan. What can we say but the fact that it is a wonderful adaptation that a lot of writers would dream about !! The text had been adapted so that there is still as much as possible of the original but also coherence in the comic. The story is very sad and hard and for those who knows the fic, here I think using Aoshi's own thoughts instead of those of the servant is a very good idea. But don't worry if you don't know the fic, you really don't need it to enjoy the doujinshi !! The atmosphere is heavy, tense but strangely I didn't feel it too dark. Some kind of fatalism but no utter despair, it's not too oppressive. What had striken me is the "power" of the drawing (you're really great pluto !!!). Good page settings, good use of close-ups, very outstanding, nice shadowings (I love the last black and white page); well you may have guess I had been very impressed by the art technic !!! It catches you, and really give you the feeling of the story. Soo- I can't say more than that we want more dj like that !!! Made us want to know more- Congrats Pluto (and Susan for the story) !

Review by Eriko-- This is a doujinshi based on a short story by Susan, featuring the character Aoshi from Rurouni Kenshin. Since I am familiar with neither Rurouni Kenshin nor the character of Aoshi himself, I'll have to treat this manga as a "work in itself"! The story's title is striking, and made me wonder who the "Requiem" is in memory of. The answer to that question is made apparent in the course of the story, but I'll try not to spoil it for you. Pluto has done a good job of adapting a text piece into a manga. At no point did I find the panels crowded with text, or the information confusing or sketchy. The art is stark, bleak and rather minimal, with a lot of shading/screentone and contrast. The setting is simple, one room (and one outdoors flashback), allowing the focus to stay on Aoshi, his thoughts, and his interaction with the main supporting character. The storytelling aspect of the art is very good. Often the "camera" focuses on one object or body part--a hand on the side of a face, a torso, a sword pommel, a cloth belt--drawing the attention and, at times, adding to the eroticism of the story. Flow of the story from panel to panel was never confusing. Pluto's figure drawing seems very good (although I'm no expert). She apparently has no difficulty depicting people from various angles and in various positions (umm ^_^). The only problem I saw was in the feet. Perhaps it was the "negative" white-on-black of the final page but I had problems with the shin and foot in the "foreground." The foot on p. 9 also looks a little "off." But this is a minor quibble on an otherwise excellent comic. Pluto chose a good story to adapt, and did a great job adapting it. I look forward to seeing more of her comics work.

Review by Kimi-- REQUIEM is an incredibly moving piece, both of fiction and of art. It is focused on Aoshi's internal struggle for freedom against the expectations of him. It is moving, dramatic, and fascinating. The artwork matches the story line very well indeed. The bold, dark lines, which creates the characters, make them stand out against the background. Changing camera perspectives also adds a cinematic effect to the comic. Aoshi, in my humble opinion, is very nicely-drawn, dark and sinister, matching his internal thoughts. One of the more intriguing aspects in this doujinshi is the reversal of male and female roles, the implication that the female is more frightening than the male. There is also the reversal of prostitute and customer; rather than the customer being dominant and in control, it is the prostitute who took control and dominance. Gives one food for thought. Truly, I can not give enough compliments to both the author of the fanfiction that spawned this magnificent work and the artist who brought it to life. I hope that there is more coming.


Rifts-- The Leader of the Vampyres, Blair Rensi, finds himself falling for a foolish mortal-cum-newborn illegal vampyre, Jamie-- but at what cost? A tale of manipulation, politics and lots of blood and bishounen! (rating: NC-17) $2 US + shipping

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