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Dee: The art is easy to look at, the story is strong, but what I really think is worth noticing in "Prophesy of Destiny" is the layout. From beginning to end, "Prophesy of Destiny" was like watching a movie more than reading a comic book, drawn so you can perfectly imagine scene changes or the focus of the camera moving from one character to the next. Action flows in this comic from panel to panel so the reader never questions what happened from one books to the next. [read the full review]

Tracy: The plot is involving and intriguing, with points of occasional humor and romance - which I would love to see expand and grow...hint hint. The drawings are well-done and the artist seems unafraid of using variations in perspectives and viewpoints. I think "Prophesy of Destiny" is a very worthwhile read... [read the full review]

Rae: The third issue of Prophesy of Destiny, a creation of Moonation, is a nice combination of good storytelling and lovely art. Written by A.N. Ferguson and drawn by Gina Maglio, it's an interesting blend of destiny, danger and political intrigue. There is also some guest and fan art and some interesting liner notes. [read the full review]

Ashura: I first heard of Moonation comics from a friend who recommended the series. Fast forward in time.. Shoujocon 2001. I approached the Moonation table, filled with copies of "Prophesy of Destiny" comics, and just bought all four issues in one quick swoop. *lol* [read the full review]


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