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Parnth: I have no idea why, but it always seems like a second helping of something is better. The Empire Strikes Back, Temple of Doom, and of course good food. But we're not talking about food here are we?

New doujinshika on the block Cristal is back with "Mid Lap Drag!", the second story in her Gunsmith Cats trilogy that began with "Begin Chase!" If you thought the first had it's share of romance and action, wait until you see this one!

Mid Lap Drag starts off with Rally Vincent and Minnie May Hopkins going after a bounty. A fight ensues, Rally is injured but the bounty is captured! She's all ready to take him in when suddenly Bean Bandit shows up. It turns out the bounty has hired the fame getaway driver. The conversation that ensues between Rally and Bean is one of my favorite scenes in the book. Sure they both respect and maybe even love one another, but they're love and need for money has to take precedent. There's a set of unwritten rules that they live by in order to make it in their chosen careers and Cristal gives the reader a brief glimpse of those rules.

The second story seems to have more character development in than the first story. We see some development between Minne May and Rally and later on between Bean and Rally. In the underworld as well as the working world, It's very necessary to separate one's business and personal lives and it's very interesting seeing how Rally and Bean try to keep the two separate.

Cristal's art style is very unique with a very underground/film noir feel to it. Normally when I'm reading Gunsmith Cats manga, my eyes are almost always on Rally, but with Mid Lap Drag, Rally has stolen my heart. I love the way she's drawn, especially on the back cover.

At the end of the book there are a few pinups and in these you can tell that Cristal really loves Bean. There are two with Bean alone and there is one with Bean dominating the background while Rally and Minnie May are in the foreground. From looking at the Bean pinup I have a feeling that Cristal's next series "Time Jumpers" is going to be great! Cristal also fixed something that was missing from the last book. This time around she included contact information! Yup, so if you enjoy her story you can e-mail her and give positive feedback!

If you like Gunsmith Cats, action, romance or all three, I highly suggest you pick up this doujinshi. You won't be disappointed!

--reviewed by Parnth


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