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Fan Comics Spotlight: Sweet Clouds

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sweet cloud cover Sweet Clouds, yaoii, 22 pp.
Lime B
$2, rated PG.
Warnings: m/m romance, intimacy
A deeply confused Cloud, who has just lost Aerith to Sephiroth, has memories stirred up by that (re)visitation. Reliving a traumatizing moment of forced intimacy, Cloud Strife begs some answers; Vincent, who overhears, compassionately seeks to answer them.

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Review by Sonya-chan-- WOW... Tone Mania =) There's a lot of tone.... Yet they don't really get in the way of the art. There's a lot but it's still very readable. The story is angsty, Cloud still wages war with his emotions with Sephiroth, not knowing if he should love him or hate him. There's a small comic relief at the beginning, then we plunge into the the heart of the matter: Cloud's conflicting thoughts on Sephiroth. And Sephy looking very evil and sexy... (JUST LIKE YOU LOVE HIM!) The flash back episode is very well rendered with Cloud being shown in the present upside down to represent his inner turmoil. And you see that Sephy plays with that turmoil to get what he wants. Then we go to a flashback of the Flashback, where Sephiroth took advantage sexually of Cloud. I had a few problems to realize it was Sephiroth who was SD and nose bleeding though... but I got my bearings back fast. The following pages are very hot and you can't help but feel sorry for Cloud who... well... is a bit mixed up about the whole situation. And we then go back to the time where Sephiroth takes the Black Materia. Cloud says I don't want this... Is it the memories... Or the materia? ( I haven't played FF7 so I'm not too familiar with everything) or the love hate relationship with Sephiroth. I especially liked the tender moment after the flashbacks, hinting a very deeper love between Vincent and Cloud, where Cloud confesses his love/hate to Sephiroth. Vincent offers comfort and an explanation about Sephiroth's behavior and troubled past. A past with no control with what he had. All in all, this story was very good, I enjoyed it a lot, the art and techniques, helped in understanding the story and made it flow easily.

Review By Myew-- Babara-san has nice artwork, the toning is interesting. =) Though I, personally, am unfamiliar with the FFVII background, the plotline seems melancholy and fairly dark, yet pinpointed with bursts of humor. Cloud is torn by his conflicting emotions over Sephiroth. Crashing in a hotel room, shortly after surrendering the Black Materia, Cloud is desolate and crushed. With Aeris disappearance, his thoughts darken, undeterred. His memories replay the moment when he handed Sephiroth the Materia, and what Sephiroth induced him into remembering. Cloud's undefined love for Sephiroth... Vincent comes in to find Cloud curled on his bed, and shows a curious display of warmth. Comforting Cloud, Vincent promised to stay with him until morning. Barbara-san has a smooth analysis of the incident and of the relationship between Cloud and Sephiroth. ^^ This work is pretty solid. Not long or deeply serious, but with a durable plot and outlook. =)

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