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Original Comics Spotlight: All Boys

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All Boys, Original, rated PG-13
$2, rated PG-13.
Warnings: m/m romance, intimacy, violence

A sweet highschool romance. Shawn and Tommy share a happy reunion as school starts up again, lazing about in bed and exchanging presents. On the first day of school, though, trouble is in store for Tommy...

Our guest reviewer, Ashura says: "All Boys is basically about two pairs of boys falling in love with each other during high school. The artwork is cleanly drawn and easy on the eyes. However, the toning from Volume 2 can be a bit harsh on the eyes. (When dot and line tones are placed together.) The story starts with two boys meeting again after a summer break and ends with violence inflicted upon the character Tommy. The end of the violence episode introduces a new character, Mike, who saves Tommy and then shows interest in Shawn (Tommy^s boyfriend). To add to the love mix is a new character introduced in Volume 2, Kara. I know this is meant to be a sweet, high school love story, but a few things make this a bit odd to read. One thing that bothered me was the fact that no one seemed to have a problem with the two main characters dating each other. The only persons that seemed to have a problem with them, was the jocky (?) that beaten Tommy at the end of volume 1. Shawn^s mother had no problem with their relationship, and seemed to encourage them. I am confused as towhether this is meant to be a realistic story or a fantasy story..because both elements seem to exist in the same story. I look forward to reading the sequel to "All Boys". I^m interested to find out what happened between Tommy and the jocky, and how Tommy and Shawn became a "couple." ^_~ "

Lady Bax commented: "Pt.I-- All Boys is a sweet high school m/m romance. I say sweet, because the boys chat about what classes they have, where thier lockers are and phone each other up to say how much they miss each other. (And sexual contact is limited to pants stay on touchy feely exploration. ^_~) However, towards the end of part one, violence rears its butt ugly head in the form of homophobic teens. Very sad...makes me cry. The story ends on a cliff hanger, and after rereading it I wanna see part II! Waitaminit! I have a copy of part II too! ^O^ Pt.II begins where PtI left off. (Whew) There are some tears and sweet comforting kisses. Introduction of Kara and his little sister who had missed thier first day of classes. The relationship between the siblings is very familiar and realistic. We find that the mother of the one boy is very accepting of her son'sWe find that the mother of the one boy is very accepting of her son's sexual preference, and doesn't mind his friend sleeping in the same bed as him. (I wish there was that much understanding in the world.) Pt. II end off with Kara and his sister going to school early to register, and Kara taking an interest in a boy as he walks by. Another abrupt ending! All Boys is sweet and realistic! None of the characters have super powers or indeed anything out of the ordinary. They are average boys facing average high school romances! A very nice read!"

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