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Rence: This anthology contains four stories: "Sin" by Lissette Alvarez, "Promises" by Grace Ho, "Angel's Over" by Mirai Wynd and "On a Bird's Wing" by Nuriko. The cover is absolutely beautiful being a full-color image of Promise's main character, Onyx, against a black background and the book is adorned with a few portraits scattered about. The anthology is full of "non human" entities both beautiful to look at and interesting to read about. Various styles of art are enjoyed here. One can't say that variety lacks in this anthology. [read the full review]

Tracy: Anthology 2: It's very recommended. Varying plots, cute characters, fantasy and reality, and most importantly, romance throughout! ^_^ To those who contributed to its creation, you did a wonderful job! [read the full review]

Jan: The instant my eyes fell upon this anthology I started smiling. That is because first thing to know about this anthology is that the cover is stunningly gorgeous. It's also in full color. Though the colors present are indeed few, they make an artful combination. I would worship this book for the cover alone, but there are a plethora of other reasons to like the entire package. [read the full review]


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