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Bonnie: When Gina Biggs and A.N. Ferguson first conceived their Prophesy of Destiny series, the subject of chemical and biological terrorism was the stuff of science fiction, a concept we all thought was too far-fetched to actually *happen.* In the post-anthrax scare world, though, we know now that anything is possible - and that makes this title more relevant than ever.

Prophesy of Destiny is about a young man named Aiden "Red" Campbell who was accidentally exposed to a mysterious biological warfare compound at a chemical company called Pont-Lily. Now,there's shady characters on his trail, and a mysterious woman appears in his dreams, warning him of an upcoming war and telling him he might be able to prevent it. He takes refuge at a shrine, where he meets a young apprentice miko named Chrystiana with an important destiny to fulfill.

Prophesy of Destiny has come a long way from its first issue. Gina Biggs' artwork has gotten more sharp and polished with each outing, and issues 4 and 5 look gorgeous, with expert use of shading, beautiful backgrounds and some creative frame borders. Characters' faces are expressive, and the artist takes a cinematic approach in portraying them, with a variety of "camera angles," close-ups, etc.

Story-wise, these issues represent a huge advancing of the plot. Aiden literally meets the girl of his dreams - or is she? Then why does Chrystiana always feel uncomfortable in her presence? Chrystiana discovers the unique history and legacy of her family, and Aiden accepts a ride from an old acquaintance and finds himself kidnapped.

Issue Five also marks the debut of Pont, co-owner of the chemical company at the center of the plot, and a very wicked bishounen. This character has a *lot* of potential - it will be quite interesting to see what mayhem he creates in future issues.

Prophesy of Destiny issues 4 and 5 are $3 each, and are available from Moonation, http://www.moonationcomics.com

--Reviewed by Bonnie


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