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Rence: This is a doujinshi based on the first chapter of Pam's fanfic of the same title. This is a doujinshi based on the first chapter of Pam's fanfic of the same title. The reader should know that this is a story of torture and rape. So if this kind of thing offends you or you can't stomach it, you have been warned. The story begins with Weiş and Shwartz in a dark alley, both on a mission. Shuldig and Farfarello, who have wandered from their group after a kill, run into Aya, who also has strayed from his companions during the mission. Aya is overpowered by Shuldig and Farfarello and taken prisoner where he is tortured and raped repeatedly over a few days before his escape. Pam is a beautiful artist and it was no surprise that Violation would contain the same quality of art, as this is a very nice collection of Pam's work. She includes some portraits after the story. [read the full review]

Jason: Every once in a while I'll come across a doujinshi or a fan fiction that is so engrossing that nothing else outside of the story really matters. That happened to me twice in the past few days. Once when I was reading a fan fiction based on "The Virgin Suicides" and once when I read the Weiss Kreuz doujinshi "Violation" by P.L. Nunn of Bishonen Works Studio. [read the full review]

Janette: I had already read the fic version of the manga, "Violation, A Weiss Kreuz Myth," by P. L. Nunn when it appeared as a fic on a mailing list, so I wondered how it would work in doujinshi form. Even if I'd never read the story, the cover lets the reader know what they're in for. Aya is tied up and gagged, and Schuldich leans over him. Nunn manages to make it arousing without losing the menace. Schu's lips are brushing against Aya's hair, and his hand covers Aya's nipple. Aya wears a sexy black T-shirt with TIGHT black jeans. The belt is undone and the zipper is definitely open. Yet, as seductive as Schu looks, he is threatening as well. [read the full review]


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