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Comics Online

Tei & Riki- A highly recommended shonenai online serial
Angelic Precinct 57- March 2000's featured online manga of the month, another shonenai serial manga.
Sonya-chan's Adult Doujinshi- home to February 2000's featured online manga of the month, "Completely Pleased"

Tones & Other Supplies

Ashura's screentone depot-has some high quality scans of copyright free tones and brief instructions on putting them to use.^_^
Hitomi's tone distribution- Nice and cheap and she's really friendly :)
Comictones.com-kind of expensive but the first screentone distributor in the US. Seems to be an offshoot of Ideleter?
All in One Suppy- really the cheapest place to get chatpak DAFR8 film (to copy tones onto) ever.
True Color - Tutorials, supplies (copics and more).
RathArts- Official Copic Marker supplier for Canada

Self-publishing help

The Quick and Dirty Guide to Fanzines

How to

Uzine How To- a small collection of How-to for manga artists.
Hitomi's Screentone How To- a great tutorial on toning

Doujinshi Circles/Artist Alliances

Umbrella Studios-a circle with works that are josei/shoujo/shonenai and more
Passionate Kiss-a shonenai oriented doujinshi circle
Estrigious Studios- a shoujo-oriented art circle
Moonation- home of "taste of manga in America", a girl & guy friendly adventure called "Prophesy of Destiny"
Eavensei.com-home to several artists and their online manga
The Color of Mint- an artists' collective.

Artists homepages

Planet Pluto- yer friendly webmaster's site
Orpheus-Tammy Lee's (artist of YYH: just gotta be Me) yaoi art & fics site Requires an Aestheticism Vcity ID
Ashura's Original Art Gallery- artist of Void and Promises
Sparks Comix- Artist of HEL, Heart of Ice and the hilarious "Masks we Wear" pokemon doujinshi
Lime B's Page- artist of FFVII: Sweet Clouds & Revo~h
HAL'S- Tammy Lee's other artsite

Other Resources

Online Doujinshi Directory- a large, and constantly growing archive of all the online fan doujinshi.
Yahoo Doujinshi Club- run by the same staff as the ODD!, a nice club to buy, read, talk about making doujinshi.
Passionate Kiss Mailing List- a discussion mailing list dedicated exclusively to shonenai manga production.
TINAMI- an online directory of Japanese manga artist's pages
Online Comic Artist Directory- better known as OCAD.
Doji- Doujinshi / impromanga biweekly


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