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  SHONENAI (male / male relationship), DRAMA



Tracy: The God of Death who must kill to fulfill his duty, The Angel of Death who fights to avenge the one he loves, and a young boy who dies and is met by sweet understanding through a messenger of God. Anyone picking up on a theme here? [read the full review]

Figbash: The 2 volumes of Winged Things are superb collections of winged bishonen -and in one instance, bishoujo- melodrama. What fangirl wouldn't love to watch pretty, angelic creatures angsting in a series of short stories? Yeah, I know. But it's okay to be shallow sometimes. Really. [read the full review]

LadiSubaru: The cover it absolutely gorgeous; an eye catching piece of art to say the least! I loved the usage of blues, greens, and peaches. They all blended exceptionally well with eachother and granted us a most beautiful picture. I for one, am a sucker for anything angelic. In case you couldn't tell I had been taken with the artwork. [read the full review]

Awaresa: "Winged Things" has a cover which is simply stunning. The laminated blue wings with the single strip of a colored images had a very emoting effect. Looking at it, you expect to find Yun Kouga-esque stories within where the beautiful and delicate Teteirus is abused by all and yet still loves blindly. Well, looks can be deceiving. The nature of the stories hidden within were much darker than the cover led one to believe, and the juxtaposition of this beautiful, soft image with these dark, deadly stories was a very intriguing choice which did not go unnoticed. [read the full review]


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