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Tracy: The loss and gain of power, taking what and who you want... The stories in "Anthology 04" predominantly tells of stories about conflict, power, and the need to claim of dominance over another. The effects of time hold no barriers in this series; contemporary to gothic - it is all about who holds what power over whom. [read the full review]

Jan Otaku: There is a certain danger in reading Anthology 4 by Umbrella Studios. The reader might find themselves hopelessly addicted to the artists work and unable to concentrate for want of another story from them. It's a compilation worthy of any comic or manga enthusiast's collection. It begins with the delightful and elegant fairytale "Prince of the Pit" by Pluto. [read the full review]

Rence: This is a collection of stories by many authors with different art styles and was very enjoyable. All the art was quite lovely, with nice clean lines, contrasts, good examples of perspective, some detailed backgrounds. I was happy to see pretty art throughout from all the artists. The cover, which have always been gorgeous and in glossly pretty colors, was drawn by Neko M. It's hard to give a review on such a collection of stories without spoiling the readers. [read the full review]


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