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  SHONENAI (male / male relationship)



Cys: Ah, I'm in heaven. Yet another light-hearted Weiss dj with a twist of the bizarre and more'n just a dash of comedy. From what I understand (thanks to the very helpful introduction at the beginning of the doujinshi), White Gravitation is a cross-over of Weiss Kreuz and Gravitation, a show about "sexual orientation in the music world". Although at first glance it seems like a strange concept mixing up these two completely disparate shows, it all seems to work. Very well, in fact. [read the full review]

Rence: "White Gravitation" by Lily Huon is a humerous cross between Weiş Kreuz (White Cross) and Gravitation. The Weiş team has a mission: There seems to be a musician who is killing his rivals in the industry and Weiş is to pose as a pop band under the mangament of K (Bad Luck's gun-toting Manager). K claims that in order for their cover to be realistic, the apalled straight team need to "pair up" and pretend to be couples because, he insists, the fans go wild over shounen-ai. The result is an entertaining clash between the characters of Weş Kreuz and Gravitation with Omi being the sensitive damsel in distress and the object of a lot of teasing. You can tell Lily adores Omi ^0^ [read the full review]

Jason: White Gravitation is a Weiss Kreuz crossover with the yaoi manga Gravitation. In the White Gravitation story, an unknown musician is offing all of his competition in the music world. In order to put a stop to this, K (from Gravitation), the gun-toting manager of Bad Luck, recruits Weiss to put a stop to the murders. But in order to do so, Weiss must go undercover as a gay band! [read the full review]

Janette: I've never read Gravitation, and but heard a lot about it so I read White Gravitation first. It's a crossover between Weiss Kreuz and Gravitation, a manga about the rock band Bad Luck, and two of their members, Eiri Yuuki, and Shuichi Shindo. For this mission, Weiss is part of this band and the jokes fly around (usually about homosexuality, since that is a big part of White Gravitation: Shuichi Shindo's love for Eiri Yuuki and Eiri Yukki's denial of his feelings. [read the full review]


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