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11.99- American Comiket started out as an exciting suggestion from my incredibly sweet & generous friend Susan. She offered me space in order to promote and sell the comics produced by the hardworking doujinshi circle "Passionate Kiss." Of course I couldn't pass up on this offer, and here we are now... The title came from something Susan said in passing: that she would like nothing more than to see an American Comiket. I couldn't agree more!

In case you're unfamiliar with the term, Comiket is the huge Tokyo doujinshi (amateur comics) convention that takes place twice a year. Anything and everything you could dream of, from fan work to original, yaoi to hentai and everything inbetween, can be found there (I'm told. I've yet to make it to Japan... but someday, I'd like to hope!)

So what are we trying to do here at AC? Well it's a small thing now, but we sincerely hope to expand into something as wonderful as the Japanese Comiket. A slowly growing group of American doujinshikas (amateur comics artists) are struggling to get their efforts seen and appreciated, so we're here to facilitate that effort. In America, it's a lot harder being an amateur artist- for one thing, regarding fan work, copyright law limits the artist greatly. Small publishing options are less available and more expensive. With this small page we hope to give this creative group a little more exposure, and hopefully, encourage a boom of American doujinshikas. We'll review and promote doujinshi here each month to help you, the audience, get a little taste, and hopefully, wet your palate and have you hungry for more by these talented creators.

Thank you for visiting this site and supporting the American doujinshi effort!



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