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Online Spotlight: Completely Pleased

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completely pleased cover Completely Pleased, yaoi, 12 pp.
Online exclusive, rated NC-17. Warnings: m/m romance, explicit sex
A song-fic meets doujinshi in this seamless blending of two series. Yaten Kou of Sailor Moon enjoying Kurama of Yuu Yuu Hakusho. American Comiket is happy to bring you our first, completely free, online dj.


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Review by Sparks-- First off, I came into reading this story knowing nothing of the characters that are featured within it, so I can immediately say that the amalgamation between both of the boys must be seamless or I would have noticed something odd. :) Beginning impressions of this doujinshi was that it is quite well done, especially so for somebody who claims to have never drawn comics before. I've always been a person drawn to technical details, and this doji passed the test. It follows the manga style quite nicely in the surface aspect such as tonage and line width, (the toning job especially nice) but the characters also have their own more westernized style unique to the artist. Another thing I noticed is that the pacing of the comic is good as well... The reader can flow along the pages of images without wondering where they are or what is going on. But then, because of the content matter, background shots were not entirely necessary after the establishing ones. (Speaking of which, the gradual shift to the characters in the beginning from an outside view, to the book, to the drinks, is very professional as far as story telling goes.) The story itself, however, offers little to someone who wants to get involved in character or plot, but then, if you want to be involved in a story go pick up a 30 page comic. The "song lyric" style of getting across what the artist wanted is very effective and quite refreshing in the limited number of pages available. In this way, it becomes more of a lighthearted almost brainless read, flowing like a story to a music video, a book you'd pick up if you're in the mood for a little soft porn. It seems clear that the comic was written mostly for visuals. There isn't much to comment on the negative side, but if I had to pick something it would be the use of photoshop greys for tone. The fact it is gradient airbrush is fine, and I liked how it was used for artistic effect like lighting, or to achieve mood, but sometimes it can just turn out looking sloppy or wrong. This may be attributed to an unsteady hand, perhaps, but it by no means does it apply everywhere in the comic. For the most part it looks quite nice, but in certain areas such as page 11 and page 1 on the pillow folds, it seems a little off or rushed. The line quality throughout, in my opinion, is a bit flat as well.

Review By St Adel-- I guess you could call it a song-dj. I was really curious about a YYH-SM crossover and it definitively is a sucess. Sonya is as much good as drawing than at writing. She's extremely talented. The faces could somewhat surprise or being hard to recognize at first because it is a very personnal style but it's a nice one and very pleasing to look at. The main thing that stuck me what the very very impressive work for organizing picts in the page and shadings with papertones.... Incredible... Now... a last little thing... although sweet and lovely... that's definitly not for kids ^_~ Did I forget to say it's lemon lemon and lemon ??

Review By Myew-- Sonya-san has *incredible* toning and pleasant artwork! ^^ This dj has an extremely erotic outlook and is rather like a songfic ingeniously illustrated. Though it doesn't exactly have a plot, it is extremely hot and ::coughs:: _interesting_. *^^* The couple featured is Yaten and Kurama, both in human form, and very, very male.... =) The feelings and emotions derived from this doujinshi is clearly expressed and implies the depth of their relationship. All in all, a very amazing work. ^-^

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