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  SHONENAI (male / male relationship), DRAMA



Tracy: "Wings" is a poignant story about life and death, and how important it feels to be remembered. As the snow falls softly, there is a small forgotten wisp of a girl of ailing health. She is homeless and weak, and she knows Death is near. Her thoughts are plagued with anguish, not for her Death, but for anyone remembering that she had in fact, lived. [read the full review]

Figbash: There are 2 stories in the second volume of Winged Things, but it's a great book nonetheless. The cover is an illustration of Ashura's homeless woman from her story, "Wings." It's black and white with accents of a greenish tint, and a single white feather floats down towards the woman's hand against the high contrast of the solid black background. [read the full review]

LadiSubaru: The cover art captured me with it's simple color schemes. There was a certain something that made it more beautiful then it's predecessor, and I absolutely fell in love with the characters from Sin printed on the back. They're just too cute!! (one who is also a sucker for all things that are cute. ^_^) [read the full review]

Awaresa: The simple colors of the girl on the cover of "Winged Things 2" was an excellent focal point. Drawn to the bright color of her hair, the first thing you notice are her eyes staring rapturously at the delicate white feather floating towards her. If nothing else can be said (and believe me, PLENTY more can!) Ashura's feathers are exquisitely done. [read the full review]


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