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Tracy: "Blind" is a playful yet bittersweet Yu Yu Hakusho story centered around Kurama. ... The word that comes to me for "Blind" is cute. The main story is sad in its conclusion but the tone of the doujinshi overall is not solemn but instead light-hearted. It's something to read after you have had a nightmare or when you simply want to crack a smile, like watching an episode of "Care Bears". Though it is not a comic that would win prizes for originality, it does win merit for having its own sense of charm. [read the full review]

Figbash: The artwork of the "Blind" doujinshi is beautiful. The chibis are well-drawn, as well as the normal-size characters. I found the lines in the first story to be more sketchy than the rest of the book, but the use of photographs and other CG effects to make the backgrounds more lush and dynamic is really a plus. The page layouts are well-planned and are interesting to look at. The two subsequent stories are less sophisticated in both artwork and page layout, but they work for me. They have a clean, high-contrast drawing style in them. In particular, the "Hiei Attack" short reminds me of Nankin Gureko's grumpy, bug-like Hieis. [read the full review]

Rence: After reading this doujinshi, I decided to go through all my fansubs which are collecting dust, and watch a few more as my interest has definitely been renewed in the series by this doujinshi. The artwork throughout the doujinshi ranges from what I call really beautiful to silly SD images that didn't retract from the characters (so that even someone who is not really a big fan, like myself, can recognize them). It's well rounded in art style with something for everyone. The notes from the artists give a warm and personal touch that says they haven't been spoiled yet by their talent ^O^ This doujinshi is definitely worth reading and is a keeper. [read the full review]

Jan: A nice dramatic introduction leads the reader into Blind, the first story of the dj of the same name. I particularly enjoyed the creative shading and the way the eyes were featured in the first few panels. The cover was had a very nice picture of Kurama on it that makes me wish color copies were cheaper in the US; but it's also pretty as it is. "Blind" is a wonderful piece that delves into the relationship between Kurama and Hiei. The rest of the Yu Yu cast is featured as well, but this is undoubtedly a story more about those two. The serious nature of the story is underscored by the djka's charming storytelling skills which had me smiling during most of the tale.[read the full review]


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