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Rae: PK Shorts Issue #1 is not just a pretty cover. The teasers and shorts in this creation of Umbrella Studios are an interesting and varied collection of both art styles and subjects. Also, all the shorts maintain a professional, polished look. The only complaint I have about the shorts as a whole is that not all of their artist/authors have doujinshi that can be purchased through Umbrella Studios (or even have a way to be contacted), which is actually rather frustrating. The layout of the entire magazine is simple, yet effective. However, the layout of the contents page is rather baffling, I STILL haven't managed to figure out why the titles were put in that order. -_-;; [read the full review]

Jason: I've been collecting doujinshis for about 8 months now, and for the past few months, I've been exposed to the works of Umbrella Studios and Passionate Kiss. Recently, I was able to read the latest doujinshi from the lovely ladies of Umbrella. Not only was PK Shorts the first anthology I've read from this circle, but it was also the first doujinshi I've read that has all original characters. [read the full review]

Janette: As a whole, I enjoyed the anthology."Avis" was a bit of a disappointment. I did love Neko's art and the beginning was very promising. However, I had the feeling like a page was missing. I understood what the chara was doing, up until the last panel, where it looks like a plane is skywriting. The panel before that suggests that the main chara is saying that the amount of money is enough. After that, it made no sense to me.

In contrast, "Return," by Grace Ho, managed to tell its story in the short amount of pages. I liked the surprise ending, I understood everything that was going on. Also, I like the art style. [read the full review]


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