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Figbash: Threads of Moonlight is a Yoji x Aya pwp with a mild S+M theme. The doujinshi combines the artistic talents of P.L. Nunn and the storywriting talents of Chalcedony Cross. Although it's basically a pwp, the story really does have some substance, as paradoxical as that sounds. A mission goes wrong, Yoji's feeling guilty about it, and Aya is being the cold emotionless redhead we all know and love... etc. etc. What's convenient is that Ken's off somewhere angsting and Omi didn't join them on the mission, so Yoji and Aya are left alone to get on each other's nerves. And they do, almost immediately. The tension rises to the breaking point when Yoji insists on tending to a wound on Aya's arm, and Aya lashes out by punching him. Yoji responds by striking him in kind, then binds him with wire and ultimately screws him.

The way in which this happens is the interesting part. The narration describes Yoji's conflicting feelings; he cares for Aya and wants to help him out of his misery, but he feels hatred and probably resentment for him too: "Hatred for the beautiful, terrible, ice-cold creature standing there with so much passion in him and so little capacity to demonstrate it as anything but violence and withdrawal." Yoji's desperation is what changes the situation from just a normal argument to something sexual. He wants to force Aya to *feel* something rather than shutting himself off, to remind him of his humanity.

It's a somber story. Yoji and Aya begin it unhappily and end it unhappily, but I liked looking into Yoji's head, and seeing Aya through Yoji's eyes. Their encounter becomes something more than it seems.

The sex is not only symbolic, but delicious to look at too. If you've never seen P.L. Nunn's work before, know that she does absolutely gorgeous nudes. Her art is bold and unblinking, as evidenced in the eyecatching cover of the book: Yoji pressing a nude, bound Aya to his crotch. I liked the many little moments within the story where it was a picture speaking the story rather than a block of text, like Yoji slouching glumly on the windowsill, his unnerving smile as his switchblade springs to life, Aya clutching the shredded remains of his leather coat, the glimpse of his mixed expression of fear and anger as he slams the door shut.

Pictures and text complement and enhance each other perfectly. I even found myself feeling sympathetic towards Aya, whom I normally can't stand. The mild S+M is fun, and fans of angst will certainly like this story.

--reviewed by Figbash


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