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Online Comics Spotlight: Angelic Precinct 57

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angelic cover Angelic Precinct, Original series, rated R.
rated R.
Warnings: m/m romance

Enter Peter, a priest who's been kicked out of his church for marrying two women, who's faith meant everything to him and will hold him through worse things to come. While drinking away his sorrows in a bar, he's swept away by a beautiful woman (who's also got a gun pressed to his kidneys). Next there's Toshi-- also being disrupted out of a comfortable career at one precinct and demoted to working in one with a bad reputation. Unfortunately, he runs into an old "friend" there... Get swept into a mix of "shounen-ai storytelling, wanton religious speculation, and fun things to do at the apocolypse."
Angelic is a wonderful example of the comics medium meeting the internet. It simply wouldn't work as well in other mediums-- Jo-chan does a gorgeous job of merging photography, graphic design, line art and computer shading into one, internet-friendly format. --AC staff

This month's guest reviewer, Ashura adds: "I really liked the way the comic started out. The use of B&W photographs with the interesting monologue was very eye-catching and grabbed my attention instantly. The artist uses CG to tone her works, and her skills went from an "airbrushed" look and to a soft "toned" look, very nice. Her storytelling skills are amazing.. it flows so well.. panel to panel. I absolutely love her monologue pages! They're funny and witty. She has wonderful writing skills. However I do have some peeves with the characters.. The characters Toshi, Gwynn and his blond colleague Gabe seems too similar to the characters from "Fake." And, the one page where Tosh turns into a SD character begging his chief to keep him, was a bit of shock. It went from serious to comedic to straight slapstick. I didn't quite expect that as the rest of the story resumes its regular comedic pattern. I do hope the characters will develop more as the story progresses. There is so much potential in this story and the artist definitely has the talent to make that happen."

Lady Bax also enjoyed the blending of mediums: "Overall I liked this comic. The blend of RL photos and line art worked very well. However, this and the extensive use of CG will limit this fine comic to the internet. (Paper reproduction would be poor.)The artist/writer makes the transitions nicely between each character's story line, and I never felt confused. The switches are made during natural pauses in story. The creator warns us of speculative religion in this story, but I found nothing offensive to my tastes. The plot promises to be rather involved with a cast of gorgeous male characters! Only two women so far! *Bonus!* Gwynn is already one of my faves! Playboy!! ^O^ So, if you've got a spare half and hour take a looksie at this great comic!"

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