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A special thanks goes out to our reviewers for this month! If you'd like to be a reviewer, please email us and let us know at acinfo@umbrellastudios.com

Dee is the fourth letter in the alphabet. She quite enjoys this role and has been cast in the leading parts of many words, such as "Dog" and "Dream."
Website: Realm of the Forgotten

Ashura is an experienced Western doujinshi-ka, having worked with Umbrella Studios for two years and produced numerous comics during that time. She loves Minami Ozaki & CLAMP, among other things...
Website: AshuraManga.com

Janette, Lady of Darkness has posting original yaoi fiction for the past 3 years. She began her love of anime with Kuragami Orange Road. When she discovered Zetsuai 1989, and the world of yaoi she was hooked. Janette has been known to sell her soul for free comics, chocolate and of course lemony yaoi piccies! She currently resides near Washington, DC. She doesn't bite. Much.
Website: The Nocturne

Jan Otaku- Jan is a college student residing is California with her overbearing cat and insufferable family. Favorite series include Escaflowne, Berserk, His and Her Circumstances, Kodomo no Omacha, Marmalade Boy and anything by Clamp. If the doujinshi world would spontaneously explode with Dark Schneider and Karlo dj she would just about die from happiness.
Jason- With an open mind and a wide variety of tastes, Jason's current favorites include Utena, Evangelion, Yu Yu Hakusho, Weiss Kreuz, Nadesico, Rurouni Kenshin, Kodomo no Omacho, among long lists of others. While he normally buys fan doujinshi, he's beginning to venture into original doujinshi and fandom as his sister and friends have begun creating them. He enjoys everything from straight, yaoi, yuri, hentai and nonhentai and teases that people can never believe a straight guy likes yaoi.
This month Jason reviews Weisse Shokolade.

Rae- About herself, Rae says: "Konnichiwa minnasan! Being fairly literate, interested in anime/manga and possessing a meager (very meager) drawing talent, are my only qualifications for reviewing. So, believing anything I say is probably a bad idea. However, I someday hope to start my own comic book publishing company. Why I'm telling you this, I don't know. Anyway, I have to go, my characters are calling, and they can be such a demanding lot. Dewamata!" Contrary to Rae's own statement, the humble admin of this site has to say that Rae writes lovely and well-considered reviews, and is more than a qualified reviewer.
This month Rae reviews Fire Flowers & Retsujo.

Website: Welcome to Mohenjo-Daro

Rence- Rence will read just about anything but has a special liking for action stories and sweet stories. She REALLY loves Weiss Kreuz lately and owns over a dozen WK doujinshi... and is happy to venture outside her preferred tastes in doujinshi out of simple love for good art and stories.
This month Rence reviews Blind & Weisse Shokolade.

Website: Rence and Frankie's Anime Shrine

Eriko- Eriko was one of American Comiket's first reviewers, and a fair and well-spoken critic of both fanfic and doujinshi.
This month Beth reviews Fire Flowers

Tracy- With a taste for such titles as Fake, Kizuna and Sailor Moon, Tracy gravitates towards doujins featuring sweet, slightly angsty stories and love triangles!
This month Tracy reviews Blind.

Avatar- Avatar's reviews are always thorough and honest. His taste for good yaoi smut helps, too!
This month Avatar reviews Fire Flowers.

Miyu- Miyu is an accomplished fanartist herself and admin of the Rurouni-love ML, the first RK yaoi ML.
This month Miyu reviews Retsujo.

Awaresa- Awaresa's tastes in doujinshi are quite open, especially liking Zetsuai-type books filled with angst and dark, gothic imagery.
This month Awaresa reviews Retsujo.

Cys- Cys has an eye for the stories with good, strong story arcs and good amounts of comedy. Favorite titles: Blade of the Immortal, Slam Dunk and Rurouni Kenshin.
This month Cys reviews Fire Flowers & Weisse Shokolade.

FigBash- Figbash is a GW fanfiction writer and fanartist, and webmaster of the Yu Yu Hakusho in America project. Her tastes range broadly from GW to Cowboy Bebop to Vampire Princess Miyu.
This month Figbash reviews Blind.

Website: the Tale of Neko Wufei


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