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So you want to submit to American Comiket, eh? Well, you're very welcome to! Here is our submission process and guidelines. Please read them carefully before you apply! Currently, due to time restrictions, AC will be reviewing up to five doujinshis a month. If we can't give you a spot that month at AC, we will give you a link on our links page ^_^.


To submit, you will need to:

1. Read our guidelines on submissions. (see below)
2. Fill out this form.
3. Mail us your doujinshi and the form.- That means snail mail. We don't accept email applications because there is no good way to judge a printed doujinshi on-line. We want to see your lovely creation in 100% glowing 3D! Remember- presentation can really make or break your comic.

Mail it to:
American Comiket c/o Liz Cheng
441 S. First #101
Ann Arbor, MI

You will be notified by email when your application comes in, and again when your application has been processed. If you do not have/have not supplied an email address, then this will be completed via regular mail, albiet on a much slower basis. If you do not receive an email within 3 weeks of mailing your book be sure to follow up by emailing us!!

If you have any questions, email ACinfo@umbrellastudios.com.


These are some guidelines that can help you get your doujinshi on AC.

1. Put some effort in it! Even if you can't draw like Minami Ozaki, if the AC staff see you've put a lot of love, attention and time into it, your chances of getting reviewed are high! Don't send us something you scribbled overnight and photocopied on the fax machine. Try and submit a minimum of fifteen pages.

2. Fill out the form! Completely! If you don't, we can't look at your comic. Simple as that. We don't have time to chase you down for your answers.

3. Respect the staff. Be polite. Be patient. Observing basic etiquette and netiquette is a good way to keep us from throwing your submission in the trash. If you flame us and refuse to apologize, then you'll be blacklisted from AC.

4. Don't be discouraged if you don't get in the first time. Space limits us, so we'll be judging on 1- effort and 2-quality. If you don't get in on your first try, don't be afraid to send in your next doujinshi. In fact, if we can see you growing as a doujinshika, we'll be doubly impressed!

5. Don't plagarize. If we catch you copying things-- especially if you copy poses and exact scenes from manga-- you'll be promptly removed from the running.

6. Enjoy yourself! If you're enjoying drawing, it will show! Good luck to all of you.


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