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Original Comics Spotlight: Please Say You'll Dance

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pks Please Say You'll Dance, Original
$2.00, rated pg-13.
Warnings: m/m romance

A very sweet story of a boy drowning his sorrow in a bar, who meets a dancer who offers him a better comfort than alchohol for his broken heart. Perfectly titled and with an emotional story and art, this debut piece for Aimee Cummings is a wonderful comic reminiscent of Ashura's work in "Promises" and "Void."

What our Review Board says:

Aimee Cummings debut doujinshi "Please Say You'll Dance" opens with the hero of the story Garret drowning his sorrows in a bar. The boy's got the blues as his girl just left him. Throw an interested bar patron/dancer into the mix and we have the beginnings of a sweet male romance. ^_^ The title is important to the story in that the potential lover is a dancer, but also within the context of the narration. The furtive steps of the budding relationship are compared to the first few movements of a dance. Thus far definitely a cute story, a promising start for the author. The art is solid in a sort of sparse and plain style. The characters hands don't have nails and the noses tend to be minimal. At times the angles on the faces seem a bit odd. The shading of the first page of chapter two left something to be desired, as the writing was difficult to make out. I do like how the artist draws eyes, particularly the teary-eyed puppy dog look Garret is sporting at the intro. !

Extra points for the judicious use of mobile eyebrow as an emotional state indicator. I enjoyed this story, and I feel the author has much potential for future. This story would most likely appeal to those looking for romance and a charm. -- reviewed by Jan Otaku

* * *

"Please Say You'll Dance" by Aimee Cummings is a very sweet story of a young man coming to terms with his own sexuality and learning more about himself. Though it's sweet, it is also humorous and touching. Aimee does a very good job of blending it all together, and makes you want to know what happens next time, so I'm sure readers will be watching out for the next volume. There are only two characters involved so far in this volume, but they are believeable and their interactions flow. You can feel Garrett's conflicts and appreciate Red's mature attitude. The two work well together. It is simply done, but that doesn't take away from the interesting aspects of the story. In fact, it is easy to feel what the characters are feeling and understand them.

The artwork is very nice and the characters are expressive. Though one or two frames are a bit too dark to read. I don't know if that is intentional because the visual contrast works into the story, but I almost missed reading them and I think they are important to the story. The text is mostly hand printed. It is my own personal preference to see it typed if possible because it looks more professional, but some might think it adds character to the work, and the presentation does have character. Though I thought it was worth mentioning, it didn't take from my enjoyment of the story. There are also a bit of tiny ink splotches here and there. Again, I think it needs to be cleaned up a bit for professional appareance, but this is Aimee's first manga and I think she did a lovely job. I do hope I get to see the next volume because this looks like the start of a wondeful and sweet story and promises to get even more interesting.-- reviewed by Rence

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