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'Dynasty of Ghosts: On Opposite Sides,' created by P.L. Nunn,

a part of Bishonen Works Studio, is a fleeting, but telling glimpse into the future of two of 'Dynasty of Ghosts' main characters, Ashe and Illya. This snippet of story is told quite gorgeously in both the prose style and the intricate, gorgeous art.

The art in this doujinshi is riveting. It combines a balanced blend of varying lines, shading and uniquely interesting framing techniques to catch the eye, and command the reader's attention, regardless of whether or not you're already familiar with the characters. The scripting of the story also has a unique style of its own. A combination of reflective narration and distinctive dialogue gives you a feel for the characters right away. It also unobtrusively slips in enough information for the reader with no background in 'Dynasty of Ghosts,' to make them aware of the strained, yet obvious relationship between Ashe and Illya. Only in the place where art meets scripting is there anything remotely resembling a problem in this doujinshi. At times art and script combined are a strange fit. In these spots confusion in who is speaking or the sequence in which the speech bubbles should be read interrupts the stories' flow. Also, towa! rds the middle of the doujinshi, at times it felt like the art and the speech bubbles didn't match up at all; the characters were speaking, but they weren't visibly reacting. However, most of 'Dynasty of Ghosts' problems are nothing that a couple thorough readings through won't cure, and who wouldn't want to read this over and over again anyway?

'Dynasty of Ghosts: On Opposite Sides,' has many things going for it. For those already familiar with the characters, they get a teasing glimpse of two already riveting and gorgeous characters. And yet, if you come to the story with no previous knowledge, this alluring teaser will most likely get you hooked.

--reviewed by Rae

Medieval fantasy and yaoi romance fans, stand up and take notice! Here's the story for you...

Many know PL Nunn for her Ronin Warriors and Weiß Kreuz doujinshi, fan fiction and fanart. Few know that she's also the author of a wonderful original yaoi fiction series (a novel, in reality) called "Dynasty of Ghosts". Some may have gotten a peek into the medieval-like world she's created with her recent douijnshi anthology simply titled "Yaoi Douijnshi Collection", available here through American Comiket. It provided a brief introduction to a young, pretty ranger, Illya, and his handsome Prince and lover, the angst-ridden Ashe, not to mention a wonderfully steamy forest glade tryst between the two.

Here, with her second foray into sequential art based on "Dynasty of Ghosts" entitled "On Opposite Sides", we get a sneak peek into the next installment of this fabulous story (note: the first novel is finished and is available for reading at her website), and a look at how things have progressed in Illya and Ashe's often tumultuous relationship - and it's not looking good. Set years after the end of "Dynasty of Ghosts", Ashe is involved with a gorgeous and voluptuous young woman and Illya, it seems, has been taken as a prisoner of war - and is considered Ashe's enemy. My, how things have changed.

The tale of their reunion, amidst some very unpleasant circumstances, is the subject of Nunn's newest doujinshi offering. As always, Nunn's style is lush and the flow of her story and art is well thought out and at times, brilliant. Illya has a new hairstyle, which I found just beautiful and seems to have more of a handle on his preternatural talents. There is a bit of a non-consensual sex scene in the beginning, but don't worry, everything turns out all right for our lovely injury magnet.

Nunn's style is distinctive and her shading and attention to detail are amazing. I often find myself sitting back and enjoying the background foliage and architecture. So few amateur doujinshika bother with these details and in my opinion it's one of the primary reasons her work stands out as exceptional.

However, if I have one complaint about PL Nunn's work, it's that her work at times looks rushed. There are panels in which you are able to see that she took great care in designing, and there are others which look as though she just wanted to get it done and over with. Nunn has a tremendous amount of talent, and if anyone's a fan, I am. I just wish she'd be more careful more often - her work could only benefit.

Regardless, I highly recommend "On Opposite Sides", if even for the cover illustration alone. Illya never looked so delicious. ^^

And don't worry, "Dynasty" fans - Illya and Ashe get a chance to make amends. Making up never looked so hot. ^___^

--reviewed by Tpod



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