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Years after Kenshin faced and defeated Seta Soujiro, a grown-up Yahiko finds himself working for the former leader of the Jupon-Gatana. But Soujiro may have other ideas about his new guard...

The first thing that you will notice about "Injury" is the beautiful presentation. The lovely digest size doujinshi is nicely presented and bound just like a real Japanese doujinshi. The inside artwork is attractively grayscaled and dynamic layouts will further please the eye.

The artwork is definitely the selling point of this doujinshi for me. The story is more your standard issue yaoi plotline. If you like your yaoi stories straightforward, then you should have no problems with this doujinshi. The sex is steamy even if the setup is by the numbers: after having his fun spoiled by Soujiro, Yahiko finds himself further embarrassed when he ends up tripping and knocking himself unconscious. He wakes up naked, and after being fed some suspicious tea, at Soujiro's mercy.

My biggest problem with this doujinshi is a characterization nitpick. While I found Yahiko's situation believable, it was much harder for me to accept Soujiro's opening an American tea house and taking advantage of Yahiko that way. But this is yaoi, and in yaoi anything can happen so your mileage may vary.

On the whole, this is a fairly strong work by Plug N Play, and the beautiful presentation is really something that should be held in one's hands to be properly enjoyed. If you're willing to bend canon a little for some tasty smut, and you like the Yahiko/Soujiro pairing, you'd probably really enjoy this book.

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