3 Days

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This is a yaoi-fied version of the 2001 movie Down to Earth. It's a remake of a remake, familiar in its plotline but just different enough to be worth the read -- especially for those who wish their movies had more slash moments in them.

3 Days is a Studio Posse publication by Alison Bailey that stars two cute co-workers by the name of Patrick and Kevin. Heaven ruins its rep of perfection when a fluke in their recordkeeping department results in prematurely ending the life of our hero, Patrick. He was meant for a long, full life and is given the angelic version of a bum's rush when he is told that he will be compensated for the mistake by being allowed to live another three days before he will die. A truly horrible deal. But being someone who apparently really deserves to be in heaven, Patrick takes the deal in stride, while thinking of the one he wants to be with in his final days.

Patrick is the branch manager of the bank where Kevin, his love interest, is also employed. Roy, the resident bully and homophobe, is taunting Kevin about his sexuality when Patrick saves him. Patrick admits his own sexuality and amusingly persuades Kevin to go out with him in a "I'm the boss so if I say kneel, you kneel." sort of way. (*imagines Patrick waving a "Seme Supreme!" flag*)

They happily spend the day together and Patrick receives some close calls when...

Well, that would be telling wouldn't it?

--reviewed by Tracy

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